Letter Donation for Organdonation

In Norway, it's the relatives who decides on issues of organ donation. For Foundation Organdonation, so it's important to get donors to tell their loved ones of their choice to be a donor. On bokstavdonasjon.no we asked people to donate two of the letters in their name on Facebook. That way they could easily and clearly show their friends that they are donors while getting more people aware and hopefull take a stand on issue of organ donation. The letters people donated gave life to true stories from those who have received a new organ.


Cannes Lions 2015 : Press : Shortlist
New York Festials 2015 : Finalist Award
Golden Hammer 2015 : Interactive : Gold
Golden Hammer 2015 :Promo & Activation : Gold
Golden Hammer 2015 : Social / Print : Gold
MIXX Awards Berlin 2015 : Gold - Brand Awareness & Positioning
Gulltaggen 2015 - Activation, Silver
Gullblyanten 2014 - Social Media, Silver
Gullblyanten 2014 - Print, Diploma
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